Star Trek Picard Reel

I worked on Star Trek Picard At Pixomondo Los Angeles and was involved early on with the modeling on some ships (Romulan Cutter, Romulan Bird, Federation Containers, and two other unreleased ships). Had the great pleasure of working directly with designer John Eaves for some time on set at CBS via Pixomondo.
I worked on the ships to different degrees of finish and models were then sent to Pixomondo Vancouver to be finalized by their modeling team.

I also worked on the initial Borg cube concept model block-in where I created main forms/valleys/displaced panels that the Pixomondo LA team started from for the final cube.
I textured and shaded a version of the Borg cube and rendered it as 3D concept art for the CBS art department while on set.

I did final model/texture/lookdev on the cross shaped anchors surrounding the Borg cube.

Was also responsible for lookdev and additional texturing on the federation space station as well as lighting the shot it appears in.