Coldplay - Higher Power

Main music video. Clip edit. (with Audio)

Live Brit Awards music video. Clip edit (with Audio)

Dancers playblasts (with Audio)

Dancers playblast (with Audio)

Dancers models (No Audio)

Instagram post (with Audio)

Full main music video

Full live Brit Awards music video

Music video vfx done at AMGI Animation Studios. I was responsible for 3D scan processing of the hologram dancers. We received high res clothed scans featuring members of 'Ambiguous Dance Company' that I processed as follows:
- Detached the clothing and accessories from bodies into separate objects via masking.
- Created the bodies underneath the clothes filling in missing anatomy so they can be used as simulation colliders.
- Wrapped our unified master topology around the underlying bodies for streamlined and repeatable rigging via skinning transfer on UV space.
- Transferred textures from the scans and did necessary cleanup.
- Made characters symmetrical in world space and put them in T pose to work with the motion capture data we recorded of 'Ambiguous Dance Company' on our stage.
- Tested a Marvelous Designer workflow that then allowed artists to directly import the cleaned up geometry of the scanned clothes from Maya into MD and simulate/collide them with the alembic cache of the animated bodies. This allowed us to exploit Marvelous Designer's fast simulation to simulate already modeled/textured geometry processed from scans without having to recreate them in MD as 2D pattern garments. Typically to utilize simulation within MD you'd have to create the clothing within it from scratch.